Monday, January 11, 2016

August 2015

Well I was doing so well updating the blog weekly and then some how we got off track. I'm sure it had NOTHING to do with school starting, sports starting, work getting crazy AND deciding to move to Texas... So now we go to monthly posts to get the year done...
So in no particular order, here is August.

I think Grant was realizing what his body could do. I caught him doing this while no one was looking for no reason. It was cute though

Kristen and I had a date, we went to dinner at Café Rio and then hit up a fro yo place for dessert. I sure wish we could do this all the time...

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit so we all played at my brother's house.

Seriously best buds.

Did you say Texas! Got my hat!

We went to go pick Bronsen up one night from a birthday party, but he wasn't ready so I took Stella to the park... she was already wearing her jammies. Why not :)

Soo good to have a shopping pal

She found the vine, she requested the crown

After this day, his dad lovingly calls him Farmer Grant

Probably the BEST part of our backyard, the slide! Put a pool at the bottom, hours of entertainment! I mean HOURS

We were about to walk up to the elementary school for Back to School Night but heard the tornado sirens going off and the sky looked pretty dark, so we drove, and spotted this guy!

We really should have just stayed home because once we got into the school we were shuffled into safe places. We were put in the teachers lounge with about 50 other people and there we stayed for about 45 minutes...

This guy is so excited to be in Kindergarten. World's best teacher too!

Kevin, getting ready for date night... He's such a joker.

Date night with the Lugos. We were out celebrating because they were moving to New York... little did we know we were moving to Texas!

Meat for days, courtesy of Rodizios :) Yum!

August 17, 2015 : It begins
First day of school for Bronsen!

I'm so scared for how fast 2028 will be here...

Bronsen and his friend Brooke from church. It was good to have a familiar face.

We LOVE Mrs. McDermott

On just his second day of school Bronsen came home with a SOAR sticker. He was being a good listener and picked out his library book, so the librarian gave him a sticker. We were so proud!

I stopped taking pictures after the third day... haha He just looked so big! :(

I signed Stella up for Gymnastics. She loved it!
Stella and her cute friend Lucy

I guess gymnastics started before school because Bronsen came to one... Lucy's older brother Noah is Bronsen's age. They were so supportive of their sisters...hahah

She's for sure going to be in the Olympics!

Bronsen tried out t-ball. He was pretty good at it too!

Monday, August 24, 2015